More coming tonight and tomorrow!

  Unfortunately, real life occasionally gets in the way of passion projects. Traveling in and out of town in recent weeks has led to a pileup of game stories from our stable of OOTP 19 challengers. I'll be getting to the backlog over the next few days, so look for updates on our 1994 Expos,... Continue Reading →

The Bucs: 20 Consecutive Losing Seasons

By David Carducci I'm looking forward to this head-to-head challenge between two Pirates fans named John. John 1 is an engineer who works at NASA. He approaches problem solving analytically. It's a matter-of-fact style that is very different from John 2, who is very much a people-person in his work as a manager. John 1 and... Continue Reading →

…Now batting…Rod Serling

  "Think of what we could do if we were ever in the same lineup together for more than just an All-Star Game" Cleveland's Babe Ruth speaking to Lou Gehrig of Philadelphia during batting practice at the 1927 All-Star Game LeBron James may be the biggest name in Cleveland sports today, but only one name... Continue Reading →

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