The Bucs: 20 Consecutive Losing Seasons


By David Carducci

I’m looking forward to this head-to-head challenge between two Pirates fans named John.

John 1 is an engineer who works at NASA. He approaches problem solving analytically. It’s a matter-of-fact style that is very different from John 2, who is very much a people-person in his work as a manager.

John 1 and 2 will need all of their problem-solving skills as they take on the exact same challenge. We’ll see how two different minds attack the problem of the post-Barry Bonds Pittsburgh Pirates in 1993.

Can either John keep the Pirates from suffering through 20 consecutive losing seasons.

We’ll check in every week with both new Pirates GMs as they try to rebuild, comparing their different styles and how they approach OOTP differently.

What are the pitfalls that plagued the Pirates during two decades of losing? John and John will try to avoid them, and they could use your advice along the way. We’ll be bringing in some MLB beat writers to talk about the moves they make to try fill one of the biggest holes in Major League history.




3 thoughts on “The Bucs: 20 Consecutive Losing Seasons

Add yours

    1. Hi Vinnie,
      Yes! They’ll both be talking over their decision making and taking suggestions from bloggers. We are also encouraging people to do their own replays. If, for example, someone wants to do their own version of the Pirates from this period, we’d add them to the discussion, create graphics for the trades they make, etc… I have some colleagues from my days as a sportswriter who have offered to weigh in as well. Also, if you and anyone else has a completely different replay idea, we’d love to feature it on our blogs. The group we have now is made up of people who already loved baseball history and “what if” scenarios, so we’d love to add more people to contribute their own replays to add the discussions.


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